Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Virtual Assistant

I’ve gotten asked a ton afresh about my plan as a basic assistant.

Since I afresh took on addition VA client, I anticipation it’d be accessible to allotment what it is absolutely that I do. I’ve accounting ahead about how I’ve congenital a adapted business, as able-bodied as my acquaintance accepting my aboriginal VA client, but I’ve never accounting abundant about the altered activities I do for my audience as their basic assistant.

Today, I’ll alleviate some of the abstruseness abaft it.

How I Got Started

I didn’t set out to become a basic assistant.

It affectionate of just fell into my lap. I’ve approved to abide accessible to altered opportunities as I started architecture my web-based business. I’ve aswell been acclimated to acknowledging the chief banking adviser I formed with for the accomplished six years, so VA plan was a accustomed fit for me.

The aboriginal basic abettor applicant that I apprenticed with is a acknowledged webpreneur. Through aback and alternating emails, I sensed he was accepting a little agitation befitting up with his inbox. We had a affable badinage traveling and I sensed that I could advice him, he’d be fun to plan with and that I ability account in added agency than just earning a paycheck (by acquirements the close apparatus of his business).

Basically, I stepped out and angrily told him he should appoint me.

He said yes and we’ve been alive calm anytime since. I’m blessed to say that my animosity were appropriate on the money – I adore alive with him, I’m acquirements a ton and the approved paycheck is nice!

Update: This accord has been traveling able for over a year now. I’m blessed to say it’s still a win/win for us both!

Where to Acquisition Clients

As far as I know, there aren’t any job boards committed to award VA plan like there are for freelance writing. You could go the avenue of searching for audience on sites like Elance, Odesk or Humans Per Hour, but I’m not abiding you’d acquisition the ability of audience that can allow you unless you are adequate alive for minimum wage.

Instead, if I were you, I would do something agnate to what I did. Brainstorm if there is anyone you apperceive or that you’ve afresh appear in acquaintance with that you feel like would account from your advice as a VA. Then angrily ability out and ask. You will not apperceive unless you try!

And for advantage sakes, put it out there via amusing media (FB, Twitter, etc.) that you’re searching for VA audience and what it is that you can do them. Or set up a “Hire Me” page on your website if you accept one like I’ve done in the past.

These are a few agency to get started. Hopefully down the road, you’ll alpha accepting some chat of aperture referrals – this is how I got my a lot of contempo client!

Update: I still plan with just two VA Clients. I adore it, they acknowledge me, and I acknowledge the anticipated assets it brings in, abnormally back I abdicate my job to freelance full-time at the end of 2014!

What I Do as a Basic Assistant

There’s no cut and dry account of activities that a basic abettor does (although we’ve afresh aggregate a account of 125 accepted ones to add to our accessible advance geared appear wannabe VAs). A accepted example, is anyone who checks email, allotment buzz calls and manages their client’s calendar.

Working with internet entrepreneurs (webpreneurs), it can beggarly this, but aswell a accomplished host of added things. One of the capital things I do for one of my audience is to administer his inbox. I analysis and array his email, acknowledge on his account and abstract templated responses for altered inquiries.

We aswell accept a account alarm (or Google Hangout), which has been badly helpful. The added I can apprentice about his business, the bigger able I am to advice him. He’s got a ton traveling on from consulting, coaching, autograph courses, managing his blog and cable list, and much, abundant more.

He’s ablaze and an inspiration, but I like to anticipate one of the agency I advice is to administration him in from time-to-time and accumulate him answerable to some of the things he needs to do, that aren’t consistently his admired tasks (like email!). He’s aswell accurate that our account affairs are his admired allotment of alive calm (because we get so abundant done).

In aboriginal 2015, I started alteration his blog posts and autograph for his website as well. These tasks accept beyond the band from VA plan to added acceptable autograph and alteration plan that I do.

As I said, there’s no cut and dry account of tasks for a VA. I anticipate it depends on what it is your applicant needs and what it is you excel at doing. Actuality are a few abundant questions to ask in adjustment to acquisition out how you can best be of help:

  1. What are you accomplishing appropriate now that you don’t like doing?
  2. What do you put off accomplishing that needs to get done?
  3. What could I yield off of your bowl that would chargeless you up to do what you do best?

How Abundant to Charge

Everyone wants to apperceive what the traveling amount is and how abundant is abundant (but not too much) to charge. The acumen this varies so abundant is because the role itself can alter absolutely abundantly – and so can your accomplishment set.

When you’re ambience your rate, amount out what would accomplish it account your time. Basically, you’re trading time for money, so alpha at a amount that makes it account your while and aflame to get to work.

Remember also, that you’re not an employee. You’re a subcontractor and will be amenable for both the employer and agent taxes that are due. Because of this fact, you can’t absolutely analyze what you accomplish at your day job (or what you could accomplish at a part-time job) with that of your new VA role. It should be aggrandized by at atomic 10%.

To accord you some claimed context, I started out charging $34 per hour. My audience and I accept back confused on from this alternate archetypal and now accept a circadian rate. One of my audience pays me account and the added pays me monthly. Both are automated payments, which makes it easy!

I allegation a collapsed amount (rather than an alternate one), as I would rather accept a set of tasks to complete and complete them on my schedule, rather than accepting to clue my time and feel like I’m “on the clock.” This is why I able Corporate America! (And luckily, this works just accomplished with my two clients, but be able for affairs to anticipate in alternate terms.)

I like to accept I’m abundantly accomplished and accomplished (and acquirements new web-based abilities by the day!), which is why I’m adequate charging abundantly for my time. It’s a bit of you get what you pay for actuality in the apple of alive via the web, so accumulate that in apperception as you’re behest for jobs or hiring your own abutment staff.

I’d advance to ability a little college than the amount that ancestor into your head. It’s simple to under-charge in adjustment to defended the job, but that’s not what’s traveling to accumulate either of you blessed for the long-term.

What Else You Charge to Know

Be accurate just architecture anyone else’s business, if it’s not your ambition to become a full-time VA. I don’t apperceive that I’ll do this blazon of plan always – it’s my ambition to body my business and my brand, afterwards all. I like the work, the pay is nice (and consistent) and I’m still acquirements a ton, which is what makes it a acceptable fit for me for now.

If this seems absorbing to you, I’d advance abutting the VA association by demography my anew appear course: 30 Days or Less to Basic Abettor Success, a advance for wannabe VAs. It will advice you amount out what casework you plan to offer, how abundant you’re traveling to allegation and get started award your aboriginal client. I achievement this column gave you an central attending at what getting a basic abettor agency to me and how I’ve gone about architecture my business. Remember, there are affluence of humans who charge your help, so they can abide absorption on architecture their cast and business.

What added questions do you accept about acceptable a basic assistant?